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Starting this business I have had to do s lot of research and learned so many things I didn’t know before. I have learned a lot of tips and important information that most people lack due to no education in the matter. I am not certified nor have I gone to school, all information I have gained came from credited sites or sources and will be linked if it can be in the post! My hope is to share this much needed information to you so you can make better purchases based on your individual needs! If there are any specific tips or information you’d like to now, please send me an email from the contact section so I can better assist you! Sign up to my newsletter to get up to date facts! 


Common Ingredients to Avoid

January 20, 2020

Some brands just don’t have your best mind in interest. There are ingredients used in common skin care and beauty products products that are just absolutely dangerous! There is so much information on the Internet about what ingredients are harmful to face skin. Ingredients such as, Lead Aluminum, Parabens and Propylene Gylcol are used all of the time and can have adverse effects when used over time. 
Ethereal Realm prides themselves on avoid any product that could cause you or your skin harm. We list all of our ingredients and will gladly discuss the use and safety of any ingredient!

You know you want to know more!
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