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Channel Your Inner Light

Inner Child Awakening

What is an Inner Child?

The inner child is an aspect of our personality within us all. It’s the joyful, silly, creative, and spontaneous side of us. Sadly that side of us gets shamed and pushed into a very dark and lonely corner, where ultimately our inner child gets abandoned  At some point in our lives, we all have experienced some form of trauma, and unfortunately, it’s usually during childhood. This means we most likely were not mentally able to make sense of the trauma, causing last effects that can last into adulthood. 

How can I awaken my Inner  Child? 

In order to rebuild a relationship with the Inner Child, the client will be put in a semi-hypnotic state through meditation. This allows the adult to mentally be more present within the mind as well as removes any blockages the inner child had created for their own safety. Once the child is present in the minds-eye, outwardly presents itself with emotional outbreaks, we will work on apologizing, comforting, and reparenting the inner child. 

What will the sessions be like?

In sessions, we will dissociate identity with the inner child so we can begin to look at them as a separate entity to the adult consciousness. There will be some workshops and weekly assignments for the longer programs. These workshops and assignments will allow the client to feel more in tune with their inner childs needs so they are able to give the inner child the nurture they have been lacking for so long. After we have established empathy for the inner child and learn how negative thoughts and the suppression of their desires cause tensions within the mind and body, we will start to rebuild a trusting relationship with the inner child. By promoting their desires, whether that be painting, making a mess, running around, or dancing like a silly chicken, each action is a step closer to feeling whole again. 

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