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Tarot Readings

What is Tarot

Tarot is a form of divination! Divination is the act of seeking knowledge of facts about specific situations through gathering messages in different ways. There are specific symbols, meanings and stories behind each card, and these messages can be used to find guidance to questions. Tarot has been traced back to the 1400's and card divination back to the 1300's!


What Happens During a session

Each reading is labeled with a specific topic. Before the session, if it wasnt already discussed, I will contact you to discuss your intentions or questions are for the session. I then cleanse my deck, set the intentions and begin shuffling the cards. Once I have enough cards for the reading I will either record video clips or write up a message to send to your email. Any questions can be discussed for up to 15 minutes after the reading is sent. 

Quick facts about my readings:

- I have been reading cards for over 4 years

- I read not only the images but the card meanings as well

- My written readings are typically 2-3 pages long

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