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Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression?

Past Life Regression is a type of hypnotherapy that allows a person to travel back in time to former incarnations using memories. Your mind is brought to a condition of stillness by process of induction, relaxation, and suggestion. 

Sessions include


- Discussion regarding the session's intentions and goals.

- Childhood and womb memories from your current lifetime - Understand the dynamics of relationships and the karmic cycles they go through

- Learn about soul contracts

- Identify any energy that needs to be removed

- See your soul after death

- Meet Spirit Guide or higher self and ask 3-10 questions

- Full-body scan



Why you would want a Past Life Regression?

  • Gain a  deeper connection to your soul and its purpose

  • Understand unexplainable fears, self-doubts, or relationships

  • Learn how the death process feels

  • Heal karmic cycles

  • Release energy, soul contracts or connections from past lives 

  • Meet higher self and/or spirit guides 

  • Experience childhood and womb memories from your current lifetime

  • Discover nonhuman past lives



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