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Meet Bree

Hello! I am Bree and I am a certified healer of many specialties. Starting back in 2019, I felt guided to take an online yoga course to receive a license to teach. This course reopened my eyes to the love of knowledge and ever since then, I knew I wanted to learn as much as possible to help heal myself and others.  This started a path towards self discovery and learning.  After finding a spiritual school online, I enrolled in courses to become certified in Inner Child Awakening, Womb Healing, Past Life Regression with Hypnosis, and Reiki. I now offer all of my services are affordable and flexible prices to allow as many people as possible access to lifelong healing. It's my belief that health, healing, and love should be shared with the world and not held secret from a small percentage of people.

I am constantly expanding my business, learning new skills, being certified in different categories, and bettering myself to be better for my clients. 

The newest service I have now be able to offer is Ministry as I am now an ordained Minister through the American Ministry Association. I want to offer spiritually focused wedding ceremonies full of affirmations, reiki healing, blessings and gratitude for the love and light shared between the couple. Learn more about booking me for your weddings soon!

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