Womb Healing 

and Sacral Chakra Awakening

TW: Mentions of s*xual tr*uma and de*th in  infancy


What is Womb Healing?

Womb healing is a practice involving intentional meditation, affirmations, crystal gridding, and breathwork to activate the sacral chakra and cleanses the energy within the womb center. Many centuries ago, womb healing was a common tradition used to reconnect women to their Divine Feminine energy. Benefits of connecting to the divine feminine energy include glowing confidence, creativity, sensuality, reclaimed sexual energy and so many more beautiful changes. Womb healing takes an uncensored look into what has happened to the womb center and offers different ways to cleanse and fix any trauma. Those who might be interested in womb healing include those who have irregular periods, are sexual abuse survivors, have had a miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, and many others. Cleansing the womb of old energetic ties usually allows the person to move on from their old sexual ties and onto something more fulfilling. 


How does Womb healing work?

Womb healing is very special in the way that it works, during the meditations and sessions you learn how to activate memories and answers that are hidden behind walls within the subconscious. This allows you to learn why you like or dislike certain things, find explanations for sexual tendencies, and find emotions that have been suppressed. These can result in very physical forms of purging through crying, screaming, or even throwing up, though not everyone has purges like these.  After the answers are uncovered and the client feels recovered from the emotional cleanse, the practitioner moves into using energy from crystals, breathwork, or affirmations to cleanse the stagnant energy left within the womb or sacral center. 


How will the sessions work?

Sessions will be held over zoom conference calls or on phone calls. During these sessions, the client may be asked to describe or imagine uncomfortable situations, with their discretion, in order to make sense of them.* Once we make sense of those situations and feelings we will move into rebuilding a relationship with the womb and the client, rebuilding trust within their decisions and sexual choices as well as empowering their true divine energy. Channeling energy from deities, pure source, or whatever the client’s personal beliefs may be will also empower them to feel like they are on the right path and reconnect themselves with their womb center to create a strong sense of unity with wombhood.


*If there are serious mental effects from these situations we will immediately stop the session and look into getting more in-depth help from a licensed therapist.