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Lighthouse Project

12 week course to follow your inner light

  • Started May 15
  • 1,216 US dollars
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Service Description

Step into your power and illuminate your path with our transformative 12 week course on confidence and following your inner light. Drawing inspiration from Bree's own journey, where resilience triumphed over adversity, this course offers a roadmap to reclaiming your confidence and reigniting your life's purpose. Over the duration of 12 enriching weeks, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by the foundational principles of the 5 C's of Confidence: Clarity, Courage, Commitment, Community, and Compassion. Gain clarity as you unravel the layers of doubt and uncertainty, unlocking your true potential. Summon the courage to step beyond your comfort zone and embrace new opportunities with unwavering resolve. Cement your commitment to your growth and transformation, forging a path towards lasting fulfillment and success. Forge connections within a supportive community of like-minded individuals, fostering mutual encouragement and empowerment. Cultivate compassion for yourself and others, nurturing a sense of empathy and understanding that transcends boundaries. By the end of this empowering journey, you will emerge radiant and empowered, equipped with the tools and mindset to confidently navigate life's challenges and embrace your authentic self. Join us and rediscover the brilliance within you, as you redefine yourself in the image of your own light.

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Cancellation Policy

To cancel a session please email at least 12 hours before the scheduled session. If there is any need for cancellation after the 12-hour period, we can reschedule or save it as a credit for the future.

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  • Illinois, USA


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