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Whats up with Ethereal Beauty? 

What’s Coming Up

I love staying busy and creating new opportunities for people to enjoy my products! Future updates on sells, drops, vendor events and much more to come! Check back frequently to see what’s been added! 

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Vendor Event

Want to get your hands on some Ethereal Beauty products but HATE shipping time? Don’t worry! Ethereal Beauty will be traveling around Illinois (and maybe the surrounding states!?) 

Get in Touch


I see all of you beautiful souls from aroumd the world looking at my page! My products will be available for you soon! I have to figure out shipping cost but I promise I’m working on it! If there’s anything you need to know and live outside of America, still feel free to send me a message! I’d love to work with you! 

Partner business: Peace of Love Box

If you love The Ethereal Realm and want to support more of what I do, check out my partner Business! 
Ran by two black women, the Peace of Love Box offers a wide variety of hand picked items every month on them with a relevant topic! We emphasize spirituality, empowerment, local creators and self love! 
We offer a 1 month, 6 month and 12 month subscription as well as individual items for sale! 
This is an amazing way for us to help local creators reach out to new people and for everyone to meet amazing hidden talent! 
Link is below! 

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