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Religious Trauma Workbook

Religious Trauma Workbook

Religious Trauma Syndrome, or trauma caused by religion, is not yet recognized by the DSM. This isn't to say that RTS isn't something that people in different religions experience.   Religious trauma can manifest in a variety of ways, and this ebook will serve as a starting point for understanding yourself and your trauma responses.


Unattended trauma can make living extremely difficult. RTS can cause mild to severe impairment, leaving you feeling confused, alienated, and ashamed of your identity, interests, or joys. Some people are so traumatized by religious trauma that they stay in the environment, fearing that they will never recover and that they will be shamed for the rest of their lives.


That is why this workbook was written to assist you in understanding the WHAT, HOW, AND WHY of your Religious Trauma. There are specially chosen and produced journal prompts and activities to help you uncover RTS-related triggers, blockages, and self-limiting beliefs. There will also be an invitation to join an exclusive Facebook community where anybody who downloads the guide can feel connected, encouraged, and uplifted along their journey.


Since 2020, Ethereal Realm has been healing clients and developing journal prompt guides for clients in 18 countries. Bree's journal prompts, activities, and services are one-of-a-kind, having been customized for each client or group of people since the beginning. Countless clients have benefited from the services. 


This is an RTS Healing Ebook for beginners who prefer a 'gentler' or starting level of healing, work, and releasing.


- Please contact with any questions (will reply TUE-SAT 11:30-6:00 CST)


On the last page of the ebook, there is a coupon code for 30% off mentoring session.


No refunds unless certain conditions apply (contact me for more details)


The Facebook group will remain available indefinitely.

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