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Full Hour Long Distance Reiki

60-minute reiki session

  • 1 hour
  • 150 US dollars
  • US

Service Description

Reiki is a form of energy healing. The administer allows their body to be used as a vessel for source energy to flow through into the person receiving the reiki. The client is the actual healer during this session, as they are the ones to work on releasing, removing, and letting go of things no longer serving them. A session is spent sourcing reiki energy towards physical pain, emotional or energetic blockages, chakras and so much more*. Some common effects of reiki are- twitching, eyes fluttering, seeing colors in mind, excessive yawning, needing to stretch, movement in body, falling asleep. Sometimes there is no feelings during the session. This does not mean it doesn't work, this just means the healing was at such a deep cellular level that you aren't able to feel the effects yet. The more you do it the more you will feel the results. After a session you may find that you are energetically exhausted, needing water and energetically purging (yawning, stretching, signing etc.). Try to give yourself time after the session to rest. This session will be long distance. Either through Zoom or through meditation. If we do not meet on zoom, around the scheduled time of the appointment, we will both sit and begin to meditate. I will meditate for the allotted time and afterwards will email or text you to discuss what I noticed and what you felt. *Reiki can aid in the healing process for physical, mental or emotional pain but is NOT to be used as a replacement to medical advice or help. Please, if you feel necessary, always seek the help of a professional licensed mental or physical health provider to receive further healing.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel a session please email at least 12 hours before the scheduled session. If there is any need for cancellation after the 12-hour period, we can reschedule or save it as a credit for the future.

Contact Details

  • Illinois, USA

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