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Herbal Remedies for your Womb Space

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Herbs good for womb health From irregular periods, to terrible cramps, and all the way to endometriosis there are so many problems one can experience with their womb space. Dealing with these problems with no real aid can be almost debilitating, which leaves those suffering to look for different remedies to help. I’m sure we have all tried medication for cramps, have had many pregnancies scares due to irregular periods, or have even spent thousands of dollars in doctor's visits to try and get an answer and medication to help. What most people don’t know and what they won't tell you is that most of those standard remedies just place a bandaid on the real problem, making it almost impossible to actually find real relief. It’s discouraging, it's scary and sometimes it's depressing. With that being said, I would like to offer an alternative. These are not end all be all solutions but they have been used for centuries and are known for instant relief and sometimes for even removing the problem as a whole. Let's discuss what herbs you can use for different ailments and how they help you! 1: Chamomile

  • This herb has been used for centuries as a muscle relaxant! It has Glycine which is believed to help aid in cramps when consumed at higher doses.

  • Not proven, but it is also assumed that consuming chamomile while pregnant is unsafe since it loosens muscles, it could potentially cause a miscarriage so please be careful and always consult with your doctor before consuming any supplements.

2: Motherwort

  • This herb is great for those with irregular periods! It has been used to induce periods so it can be consumed in a cycle for those who need it to ensure their cycles become regulated!

  • Has also been used as an antianxiety for mothers during childbirth, reduces postpartum blood loss, and decreases inflammation after birth.

3: Rosemary

  • If you choose to participate in yoni steaming (be careful with those, but we discuss yoni steaming in another article) it is believed that rosemary is an antimicrobial herb helping in cleansing and regulating good and bad bacteria in the vagina.

4: Calendula

  • Calendula helps cleanse the vaginal tissue, like a detox

  • Antimicrobial like rosemary stops the spread of infections

  • Aids in the healing process, especially after birth or dealing with hemorrhoids

5: Red Raspberry Leaf

  • This herb is widely recommended to pregnant women towards the end of their pregnancy due to its ability to loosen and strengthen the uterus and vaginal muscles. This aids in the birthing process and makes it easier to contract and push

  • Supports recovery from Uterine prolapse, fibroids, endometriosis, and cyst

  • This also relieves cramps

It is suggested that these herbs be consumed through tea, steeping in freshly boiled water for at least 10-15 minutes. Some herbs can be smoked and will also give similar effects, however, that is not recommended for anyone pregnant. Please always follow up with your own research and make sure to consult a physician to double-check that this is the best option for you!

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