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The story of the Lighthouse Project


The Lighthouse Project is the newest addition to the Ethereal Realm and It holds a vert special place in my heart. I created this project for anyone who feels lost, anyone who feels like they carry so much darkness that they are no longer open to light or love. This project is for anyone who needs something to guide themselves back home, back to themself, back to shore. 

Citrus Fruits
Image by Joshua Hibbert

How did I come up with The Lighthouse Project?

For the first time in my life I traveled out of the country to Costa Rica and attended a Spiritual Retreat where I met 20 strangers... These strangers quickly turned into my soul family who opened me up to where I was blocked and holding onto trauma. I learned that I was programmed to downplay my worth, to default to lack and to accept bare minimum love. 

During a very heart opening moment, I was able to open up and share my vulnerability and learned that I am my own bully. However, despite how unkind life has been to me, despite the lessons of tolerance of acceptance, I still woke up everyday choosing to be a light through my darkness. 

The vision 

My vision is quite simple really.. I want to teach those lost in darkness to find their way home. I want them to become their own lighthouse and become empowered in who they are. 

I have been there. I can relate on a personal level to what it feels like to be shut off to the beauty of the world, the soft kiss of love, and the amazing feeling of heal. I want to create a safe space for those who need the gentlest care.

Image by Red Zeppelin
Citrus Fruits
Image by Robert Wiedemann

What should I expect?

10 weeks


pre-recorded meditations

zoom calls every 2 weeks

personal check-ups

progress tracking


somatic breath work

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